Behind the scenes: our jewelry designs

From the start, our style choice has been a take on minimalism.

As big fans of Scandinavian design, we believe that there is beauty in simplicity with well-placed details. We began with the idea to redesign the popular coin pendant with our own take on the style. To accompany it, the rectangular and triangle shapes were added, but we were still unsure how to add our own touch to it.

While visiting Paris, we visited the Grande Arche, which is a large modern style arc. With the sky peeking through, we realized that negative space in design is that missing piece. After a few iterations and adding our logo, our final design was born.

Many people also ask us about the cotton cord, and why we elected to use that instead of a regular chain. The beauty of the cord is that it is adjustable, and with women’s daily changes in shirt or top styles, it solves the problem of a static length of a necklace. If one day you need a choker, you could pull the cord tighter, or if you are wearing a thick sweater and need a long necklace, you can extend it all the way and wear it over the top of your clothing.

When you invest in a piece of gold jewelry, you want to be able to wear it with all of your clothes and not be limited to only a few options of outfits. Thanks to the simple and elegant design, the flexible length, you can choose to wear your pendant however fits you best.