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As we prepare to open our new collection of earrings and necklaces/pendants for purchase, we wanted to tell you a little bit about why we chose to do what we do.

Over the last few years, we have been thrilled to see more and more companies come up with inspiring ways to give back to different communities and support others around the world. We felt an honest calling to this idea, and as ethical fashion has begun to lose its stigma of not being fashion forward, we began exploring ideas of ethical jewelry production. A lot of people have seen the movie Blood Diamond, which was inspired by a true story, and was preceded by an agreement between world leaders to curb the use of resources that may fund conflicts and wars. However, we always felt that if we don’t change our consumer mindset of getting the best deal possible, we will never be able to change the way that raw materials are mined, which is generally the population that is most oppressed, the lowest rung in the chain that endures the most hardship.

This is where Fairmined and our business model came together. Because we sell direct to the consumer, we are able to keep a lower margin. By the time a piece of jewelry makes it to you, it is often marked up 6-10 times. In our shorter supply chain, we are able to reduce middle men, and pass on that savings to you. At the same time, the Association for Responsible Mining (the organization that certifies companies as Fairmined) provides development to artisanal mining communities in places where the cycle of poverty never breaks. Thanks to the premium that is paid for Fairmined gold and silver, families are able to support themselves and send their children to school instead of mining with their parents. Men and women have equal employment rights. The communities are able to invest back in themselves and improve their circumstances. We believe that it is a small price to pay to make such a great impact on people’s lives. 

We hope that you will join us in this mission to wear beautiful jewelry and also feel good about where it came from and how it affected the world. It is a small step, in the right direction.