our story

Nouvau is a new generation of fine jewelry. Inspired by the need for responsible, ethical sourcing and manufacturing, without sacrificing modern style and fair pricing.


Nouvau means “new gold”, stemming from the root of the word “nouveau” from French, and Au, the chemical element for gold. It’s gold and silver, done the new way. Because we sell our jewelry direct to you, we avoid high markups that result from the multilayer distribution model of a typical jewelry store. By going directly to our customers, we are able to maintain a lower price point, while still working with Fairmined metals.


Central to our mission, we want to make an impact in how jewelry is produced and sold. Ethical material sourcing and manufacturing is one of commitments to our customers. We support ethical mining practices by incorporating Fairmined Gold and Silver in our jewelry. The Alliance for Responsible Mining (Fairmined certifying body) supports artisanal mining communities, financially and socially by paying a premium for the raw material, ensuring equality for both men and women and eliminating child labor. Please find out more about the organization at www.fairmined.org. We also manufacture our pieces in Los Angeles to give our customers confidence that their jewelry was responsibly made, every step in the process.


Born out of the opportunity to improve the fashion industry, where the word “ethical” doesn’t associate with the word “stylish” and we aim to change that mindset.